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"I've known Robert for close to ten years, we've worked together with clients in the past when he was selling homes and I was a mortage loan officer. When my wife and I decided to look for a home I knew that Robert would be the best agent to find a home for our family. Robert is very easy to get along with, is ON TIME, returns calls, emails and texts promptly and knows all the ins and outs of the process to make it as easy as possible. I highly recommend Robert!"                                                           John ParkerInternet Manager at Longhorn Harley-Davidson

“Robert has an exceptional knowledge of the real estate industry & it's market - and a contagious enthusiasm to boot! His work ethic is unparalleled and his compassion for his clients is something many agents could learn from!”

Michelle Lynne Pant, Owner, by Michelle Lynne, LLC

“Robert J is someone who works hard, but does it with a smile. A real joy to be around.”

Richard Woodward, Mortgage Banker

“Robert is a very funny and personable businessman. He will make working with him enjoyable.”

Jeff Peterson, Owner/President, Tax Prep Financial Services Corporation

“Robert is truly a Jack-of-All-Trades, who is a master of each. His work with me to expand my outreach using Social Media was terrific!! He had a very good game-plan on how to make my forays into Facebook, Twitter, and journaling a success. I can only thank Robert for his patience and his commitment to make me a success. My sincere Thanks, Robert.”

John Lingenfelder, Candidate for Congress

“Robert J. Russell is, in no doubt, the hardest working man in real estate! Always the positive attitude, always the fresh idea, nothing gets past this man. I have known Robert for over 35 years and his attention to detail and his work ethic still amaze me. It is always an honor to work with with him.”

Fletcher Ashcraft, Owner/President, Access Computer Solutions

“Robert is a hghly successful and professional contact. I know Robert through Toastmasters. He also interviewed me on his radio show. His interview questions were thorough and brought out the essence of inspiration that my recently published book is all about.”

Patti Mauro, Author and Speaker, n/a-freelance

“Robert J is dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results. An excellent addition to any team.”

Milos Nikolic, Doctor of Electrical Engineering

“Robert J is highly recommended. Any company would be lucky to have a leader with such vision and skill.”

Sandy Main,  Attorney - Washington, DC

“Robert Russell is a leader when it comes to innovative and cutting edge marketing concepts. His approach and results speak for themselves and his maintenance of integrity along the way is a tribute to his professional committment. Robert is among the top innovators and pushes the envelope of creative marketing.”

Daron Sneed, iPhone Developer

“When I need to write health insurance, I send my business to Robert Russell. He not only services my health clients, but he also refers business at the same time.”

David Berry, Insurance Agent

“Robert is a creative multi-talented professional who truly cares about the impact he has on people he encounters. He is dedicated to giving his very best to those whose path he crosses. Robert is also very generous with his time and energy as he is constantly involved with charitable organizations that help and encourage people to live with compassion for their fellow man as well as find their mission in life. I recommend Robert as a man of character and integrity.”

Jeffrey Black, P.E., LEED BD+C, Principal, ccrd partners

“I've had the pleasure of working with Robert Russell since 2005. He is a hard-working, creative and knowledgeable realtor and a very funny guy! Times may be tough, but I'm sure he is tougher!”

Terry Palazuelos, Realtor Associate, Re/Max DFW Associates

“Robert J. Russell is a pursurer and influencer of a diverse network of contacts that are leveraged to maximize speed of execution that brings strategies & tactics to closure. A salesperson who keeps his client's best interest at heart while aggressively creating the possibilities of what might be rather than coping, adapting or exploiting the possibilities of the moment. Robert is a true leader and professional in his industry.”

David Bing, Vice President, Wal-Mart

“Good Realtor”

Mike Bruck, Partner, Executive Home Mortgage

“Robert is the chief of Marketing"

Mark Kukla, Realtor - Broker Associate, RE/MAX DFW Associates III

“Robert is an outstanding Realtor that will go out of his way to help his clients out. He is very hard working and is very successful in what he does. I highly recommend Robert!  “Robert is a great leader for the Real Estate Industry! He is compassionate, sincere, detail oriented, and most important of all he is very caring. Robert would go the extra mile to help anyone out. It is my pleasure to be in the same business with Robert!”

Laurie Kash, Realtor, Keller Williams Texas

“In all of my dealings with Robert he has shown the utmost character. He is a man of integrity and does what he says he will do. He goes above and beyond in his business dealings and personal life. I have also benefited from his great generosity.”

Bob Dowty, Independent Solutions Consultant, Independent Consulting Engagements

“I met Robert at a seminar a couple of years ago, at which we had an opportunity to get to know each other quite well. A few months later, my wife and I contacted Robert because we were considering selling our house. Robert provided very timely and professional advice, which ultimately prevented us from making an extremely costly mistake. Robert's honesty, insight, and willingness to put his client's interests ahead of his own earned him another "customer-for-life".”

Jim Harbor, IT Bank of America

“In the Real Estate Business, Robert Russell is "The Mentor". I have worked with Robert in many occasions and his work ethic, integrity and respect for clients is unsurpassable.”

Ivan D. Mejias, Realtor ®, Keller Williams Realty

“Robert is a real estate professional who engages in customer service with enthusiasm! He always gets the job done and can be counted on for a smooth transaction.”

Stephanie Seay, REALTOR, Keller Williams Flower Mound

“When I joined RE/MAX DFW Associates, Robert J. agreed to act as my mentor. Robert is energetic and enthusiastic and was willing to share his knowledge above and beyond what was expected.”

Kent Alexander, Realtor, RE/MAX DFW Associates

“Robert is a great guy. He is detail oriented and knows what it takes to make his clients HAPPY! He is hard working, and will go the extra mile to make the client happy! He is a great co worker and I would work with him again!”

Sherri Elliott, REALTOR, Keller Williams

“I experience Robert Russell as a man of integrity, honesty, and compassion. Robert has strong leadership skills, has positive energy and keeps his commitments. I met Robert when I was a volunteer Training Assistant at, a program that helps people 'discover' their heart and find true joy in life.”

Dennis Howard, Advisor to the FAA, Lockheed Martin

“Robert is one of the few in our industry who I choose to associate with on both a personal and professional level. He demonstrates superior knowledge and his charecter is flawless. He serves his clients well and I enjoy his company. You will be well advised to do the same!”

Brian Felley, Insurance & Financial Planning

“Robert J. is a very helpful and knowledgeable agent. He knows the market and the area he is working in very well. This allows him to help sellers and buyers in the real estate market.”

Pam Fuerstenberg

“Robert Russell is a very conscientious agent who cares deeply about his clients. He's always willing to think outside the box in order to get the best deal for all involved without compromising his integrity or character.”
Kasi Bergeron, Regional Sales Manger, N.A.dS

“Robert is a great leader of our team. He uses technology and his expertise in marketing and sales to help his clients achieve their real estate goals to their best advantage.”

Marsha Blevins, Licensed Realtor

“Robert is a seasoned Realtor who handles every real estate transaction like a pro. His sincere caring and concern for his clients makes him a clear choice among DFW Realtors. This is why all my referrals in the DFW area go to him. Keep up the great work!”

Solomon Romano, Realtor and Notary Public, Re/Max On the Boulevard

“Robert is outstanding in his field and his team consistently makes the company's top ten list. He is innovative in his marketing and branding techniques and is extremely saavy in the internet marketing arena. Robert is a successful leader in the industry, one that others want to copy.”

Cyndi Cook, Director, Marketing & Promotions, RE/MAX DFW Associates

“Robert is a realtor that can always be depended upon to pair the right client with the right real estate.”

Bobbi Sanchez, Independent Recruiting, Starr Enterprises

“Robert is a savy Realtor that goes the extra mile to take care of his clients and is always sure to keep their best interests in mind.”

Jon Wade, Steamboat Real Estate Broker, Owner, Colorado Group Realty in Steamboat Springs, CO

“Robert's "outside the box" approach to real estate has launched him to new heights as founder of the "We Did It Again" team and one of RE/MAX DFW Associates top listing agents. He is a colleague and a friend and I endorse him whole-heartedly.”

Jerry Rector, Owner/Broker, Jerry Rector Real Estate Network

“Robert and I have worked together on different projects over the last 10 years. He is a great person and professional. He always looks for the win-win for everyone and dedicated to achieving that. Robert is solid.”

Ben Guthrie, Project / Practice Manager, SAS Institute

“Robert is a great realtor. He is very proactive and creative. He works very hard to help you sell your home. He is very responsive and knowledgable. Highly recommended!”

David McDaniel

“Robert has a keen mind and is on the cutting edge of business. He is great as a Realtor but that is not all there is to Robert. His Entrepreneural abilities, skills and knowledge are all a part of his business package. I anticipate he will be very wealthy in the future and will instrumental in helping others in creating their own streams of income.”
Angela Blackmon

“I've known Robert for 10 years. He is one of the few people I trust as a friend, as well as a professional, because I know that he will always have my best interest at heart.”
Rex Requilman

“Even though I do real estate investing, I engaged the services of a professional REALTOR, Robert. He is 100% enthusiasm and a bull dog. Other REALTORs wait 2 weeks to get the Agency/MLS to take a SINGLE picture for a home's MLS listing. He works with the homeowner to have 10+ pictures listed on MLS and his own website in the first days. He helped me BUY and SELL a home in 30 days or less.....”
Nate McMahon

“Robert is a marketing guru! If you need someone to sell your home or find you a new one, Robert's the man for the job. His mind is always working coming up with new ideas to market YOUR home!”
Gary Fox

“Robert is a man of great dedication and the highest moral character - he definitely has his priorities straight. Whatever Robert pursues, he does so with passion and energy. "Quit" is not in his vocabulary. I have gained and learned so much from Robert in the time I've known him. I could not recommend him more highly!”
David Bryan, President, Web in Motion

“Robert is an outstanding professional with talent that exceeds his current responsibilities of a Realtor. He cares about each and every client and provides "Golden Rule" customer service in every transaction. His eye for selecting the right property for his clients in order to match each customers' expectations is exemplary. Clearly, Robert is a true asset to the Real Estate Community.”

Tami Merica, Realtor, William Davis Realty

“Robert is, what I hope to be.”

Brian Fitshugh, Realtor - Destin, Florida

“Robert is a great guy - honest, genuine, passionate about his life and his work. He's goal driven and doesn't let any obstacles get in his way. His hard-working, people-focused approach make him an asset to any team. I trust him completely, and would recommend him without reservation!”

Kerry Rustin, Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Kerry On

“Robert is a man with great integrity who puts his all into finding that special piece of real estate. It didn't matter if it was a large project or a small. We recommend Robert highly for any real estate needs you may have.”

Kathy Cotton

“Robert Russell is a true gentleman who has a passion for serving others. Robert is deeply committed to his Lord, his family, friends, clients, business associates and all others who are fortunate enough to cross his path. His quick wit is exceeded only by his inviting warmth and sincerity. Any opportunity to interact with Robert Russell would be an opportunity not to miss.”
Carolyn Williams, Executive Assistant, JW Development

“Robert is one of the most sincere, honest, and dedicated professionals you could ever meet or have the pleasure of working with. He has the highest integrity and puts forth extra-ordinary effort to ensure your needs are met. His personality allows him to be an integral part of any group or team. He is a true servant leader. I would recommend Robert to anyone without limitation or reservation.”

Jay King, DMM - Automotive Merchandise and Services, Wal-Mart

“Robert and I volunteer at a program called Discovery Training. When he is there, he is 100% committed to serve the people in the training. He puts his heart into it and does whatever is necessary in order to best serve the people. It has been a pleasure working with him.”

Taito Nakagawa, Director, International Development, iGrafx - a division of Corel Inc.

“Robert is a highly knowledgable, passionate representative of the real estate industry. I have known him both on a personal level and as a real estate professional. I would highly recommend Robert to take of your needs.”

Craig Senick, Director, Business Development, Quickoffice, Inc
* There are a lot of realtors who have testimonials from buyers or sellers, but there aren't a lot of testimonial pages that you will see where a realtor is getting a testimonial from another realtor. Robert is respected by the 17,000 Realtors in the DFW Community as well as Realtors in different states and countries.

This is why most Realtors want to work with him - it's all about Integrity, Ethics and Honesty.